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The PlasmaJet system utilizes an inert gas that is electrically excited to a plasma state, releasing three forms of energy: Light, Kinetic and Thermal.

  • Light provides enhanced visibility of the surgical field, which is of particular benefit in tight areas or laparoscopic procedures

  • Kinetic energy is used to clear fluid from the surgical field, further enhancing visibility and allowing direct action on the target tissue

  • Thermal energy is directly applied to the tissue for effective cutting, vaporization and coagulation with minimal thermal effect

Distance Makes All the Difference

The plasma leaves the tip of the handpiece and its energy is highly focused. This energy disperses quickly with distance. The further the tip is from the tissue, the more dispersed the energy becomes. Depending on the distance from the handpiece to the target tissue, the PlasmaJet cuts, vaporizes, or coagulates tissue.

If the tip of the handpiece is placed ~2-3mm from the tissue the energy is highly focused which allows the device to have a defined cutting effect.

As the handpiece is pulled further away from the tissue (~3-5mm) the energy is less concentrated which allows for controlled vaporization of target lesions.

As the handpiece is pulled even further away from the target tissue (~5-15mm) the energy is even more dispersed which allows for effective coagulation of a bleeding area.

To see the PlasmaJet in action click here

The PlasmaJet is a neutral plasma surgery system that is designed for cutting, coagulation and the removal of soft tissue by
vaporization in open and laparoscopic surgery. Copyright Plasma Surgical 2013. All Rights Reserved.