Respect for Tissue

Our flagship product is the PlasmaJet Surgery System, developed to leverage the unique properties of pure plasma energy and offer surgeons the ability to perform no-touch, atraumatic surgery. The PlasmaJet is a safe, effective, and easy-to-use device designed for a variety of surgical applications.

The PlasmaJet Surgery System utilizes kinetic energy and highly controlled thermal effects to treat tissue through three key surgical actions.

Kinetic DissectionTM allows surgeons to create clean and dry tissue planes and open adhered areas on or near sensitive structures.

Microlayer VaporizationTM enables surgeons to perform more complete disease removal from surface tissue, layer by layer.

Surface SealingTM allows surgeons to dry and seal areas with small vessels and oozing surfaces, reducing the risk of leakage and complications.


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The PlasmaJet Device

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The PlasmaJet Components

Harness the Power of Pure Plasma. See the PlasmaJet in Action.