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According to feedback from surgeons in Europe, PlasmaJet may offer the following benefits to orthopedic surgeons and their patients:

  • The unique ability to precisely cut through bone and simultaneously coagulate the cut surfaces
  • Quick and effective coagulation of dissection surfaces
  • Effective drying and cleansing of tumor and prosthesis beds
  • Reduced drainage output
  • No interference with metallic implants
  • Efficiently stops bleeding from bone providing an alternate to the use of bone wax

For more information on these potential benefits, please review the clinical papers on the use of PlasmaJet or request a discussion with one of our medical affairs professionals or clinical field specialists.


Clinical Evaluation of the Plasma Surgical PlasmaJet Tissue Sealing System
in Orthopedic Surgery - Early Report

Pr. Philippe Merloz, Orthopedic Surgery Department, University Hospital, Grenoble, France.

The PlasmaJet is a neutral plasma surgery system that is designed for cutting, coagulation and the removal of soft tissue by
vaporization in open and laparoscopic surgery. Copyright Plasma Surgical 2013. All Rights Reserved.