5 year trial involving ovarian cancer patients has found “overall survival benefits” when undergoing surgery using PlasmaJet®

A trial involving ovarian cancer patients at Guildford’s Royal Surrey Hospital (UK) has found they have a higher chance of having all the tumour removed when undergoing surgery using argon plasma.

Patients who participated in the ‘PlasmaJet® in Ovarian Cancer Surgery’ feasibility study were given a preview of the results as part of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month recently.

The five-year study looked at 120 patients undergoing surgery using a fine jet of argon plasma, which dissects tissue and vapourises tumours.

The study, funded by GRACE, the Gynae-oncology Research and Clinical Excellence charity, also reported the treatment resulted in improved quality of life and overall survival benefits.

It was conducted by Dr Kavitha Madhuri, a Senior Fellow in Gynaecological Oncology at Royal Surrey.

The provisional results also suggest dramatic savings in overall hospital costs from using PlasmaJet® as opposed to standard surgical procedures.

Consultant Surgeon Simon Butler-Manuel, who is also the Chair of Grace, said:

“PlasmaJet® is a novel surgical instrument that I came across 10 years ago. The results from our single centre experience show that by using PlasmaJet® we can remove more tumour in difficult cases. This results in less need for bowel resections with knock-on beneficial effects and possible improved survival for women. Although PlasmaJet® might seem scary to users on first impression it is inherently safe. The feasibility study shows no increased risk of complications or adverse effects in the study group. Indeed the side effect profile is significantly better in the group treated with plasma.”

Hilary Grinyer, from Beare Green near Dorking, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in December 2013, said she welcomed the way patients had been the first to receive the results.

“The information was presented to us in a very accessible way…it’s nice to be so involved in the study and to have the opportunity to speak to other patients in a similar situation and learn about future research plans.”

The full results of the study will be presented at the annual meeting of the British Gynaecological Cancer Society at Churchill College, Cambridge in July.


Source: https://www.eagleradio.co.uk/news/local-news/2842274/royal-surrey-ovarian-cancer-trial-shows-overall-survival-benefits/